And the winners are…


1st prize for MyWorksheets a tool to allow teachers to easily adapt paper worksheets into a digital format

2nd prize for Little Programmer Teaching children computer science theory through gamification

The lineup:

  • Narrative Our purpose is to inspire people to do more creative writing and help them become better writers.
  • Fundward We would like to launch a non profit organization that would help students to crowdfund part of their tuition fees or help to repay their student loans. We will empower donors to pick the right student that they believe in. The platform will also help to facilitate rich conversations and feedback between a student and his/her donors. In return, crowdfunded students will give back to the community, especially by tutoring a pupil (primary, middle or high school) from a poorer neighborhood.
  • Lifelaunch Take a year off to get hands-on experience to find out what type of major you would want to get in College.
  • ReadShare Enabling Dialog in Books at the Chapter and Section Level .
  • We Build A typhoon destroyed much of Central Philippines. Our company’s goal is to help rebuild schools that have been destroyed. This will help at least some of the 1.2 million Filipino children displaced by the storm by (1) continue providing them with an education they deserve, and (2) returning a sense of normalcy to their lives.
  • AskEdu Interactive class discussion tools.
  • Office Hours “You hear, you forget. You see, you remember. You do, you understand.” This is absolute BS. Research shows that different people learn differently. More specifically, there are 3 different learning preference styles- auditory, visual and tactile. In a classroom setting it is difficult, if not impossible, for a teacher to deliver a lesson in 3 different styles. Office Hours is a platform that educates students about their different learning styles, and customizes their lessons to match their learning style.
  • CohesiveKid We’ve created a communication service that connects families, teachers and service providers to improve the lives of children with special needs
  • MentorMe Mentor Me is a tool that enables students to connect with mentors who essentially guide students towards a career path that best fits their needs.
  • Pathify Helping students find the major that aligns with their own interests so they can better enjoy college and still make it out in four years.