Developing Community for Seattle SWEDU 2012


As the organizers of Seattle Startup Weekend EDU 2012, we’ve endeavored to build strong community and collaboration into the process of developing solutions to issues in the education realm.  We’ve hosted a series of “meetups” over the past several months, bringing educators, tech professionals, and other startup enthusiasts together together to start figuring out the major areas of need within the umbrella of technology in education.  A major consensus finding is that, for tech innovations to make sustainable improvements in student learning outcomes or teacher efficiencies, those tech innovations must be created with the best of learning research and pedagogical principles in mind!

Last night’s final “meetup” before the big event culminated in two particularly clear consensus positions for developing new education technologies:

(1) That technology can and should support expansive, multi-modal collaborative knowledge-creation among students.
    – develop “systems” understanding
    – collaborate in natural, organic ways
    – support facts-leading-to-systems OR systems-leading-to-facts
(2) That technology can and should support tracking student learning for teachers, students themselves, and their parents.
At Seattle Startup Weekend EDU 2012, teachers and entrepreneurs will be working together to bring best practices and pedagogy, and cutting-edge learning research to technology innovations for education!