First Preparatory Meetup = Success!


On Wednesday, May 30, the Seattle Startup Weekend EDU organizing committee hosted the first in a series of panel discussions to build the collaborative community growing between Seattle-area educators and technology professionals to bring greater utility and ease to classroom technology implementation!

The group of about 40 diverse teachers and technologists identified many important discussion points for moving forward.  For example: how technology can support teachers as data managers, the changing nature of the classroom afforded by collaborative technology, and how teacher training and curriculum implementation ideas can be incorporated seamlessly into education technology tools.

Aaron Hedquist, of the Seattle design and technology team The Curio Dept, had this reflection as a participant at the meetup:  I’m coming from purely the technology side of this, and only recently to education, so I really wasn’t aware of especially the time pressure teachers are under, or how they even approach technology nowadays, so that was really illuminating. It really feels like educational software needs to be given even more design consideration, so it can be used as efficiently as possible, and lower the ramp-up time.

The liveblog of the meetup is archived for those inclined to review!  This series of discussions will continue as we move toward our main event in October.  Join us for future meetups to continue building this great new collaborative community, and of course start getting ready for the main event in October!